3 Reasons To Wax Your Car

If you are like a lot of people, you might skip the process of waxing your car. After all, it might seem as if simply washing it is enough, right? However, it is worth your while to take the time to wax your car -- or to hire a professional to do it. These are a few reasons why. 1. Protect Your Car from the Sun's Rays First of all, you have to worry about the damage that can come from the sun's rays. Read More 

4 Auto Repairs That You May Be Neglecting And Are Likely To Become Costly

The car repairs that you may have done are often obvious, but there may be some problems that get less attention. Repairs may be neglected for some time, which can often lead to costlier issues that need to be addressed. It is best to deal with problems when you notice them to avoid additional repair costs. Here are some of the car repairs that you may be neglecting and that could end up costing you more at the repair shop: Read More 

3 Potential Causes Of A “Musty” Smell In Your Car

If you have ever gotten into your car and noticed an unpleasant, "musty" type of smell, you could have wondered where it was coming from—and how you could get rid of it. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can cause this type of odor in your vehicle, but getting to the bottom of the problem can help you do something about it. These are a few potential causes of the problem. Read More 

Buying A New Car? 3 Reasons You Need To Say Yes To The Extended Warranty

If you're about to buy a new car, there's going to be one question that you might need to think about – the extended warranty.  The offer for the extended warranty always comes after you've received approval for your loan. If you're not prepared for the question, you probably won't be prepared to give an answer either. An extended warranty provides added coverage for automobile repairs that might be necessary after the initial factory warranty runs out. Read More 

2 Ways To Repair Hail Damage To Your Car

Even small pieces of hail can cause damage to the aluminum pieces of your car. The larger the hail, the more potential for damage, and the more potential for serious damage. However, it is possible to repair the damage caused by hail and make your car look as good as it did before the hailstorm. Suction One method of repair involves suction. The suction method usually uses an industrial suction device that can be placed over the dent. Read More