3 Potential Causes Of A “Musty” Smell In Your Car

If you have ever gotten into your car and noticed an unpleasant, "musty" type of smell, you could have wondered where it was coming from—and how you could get rid of it. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can cause this type of odor in your vehicle, but getting to the bottom of the problem can help you do something about it. These are a few potential causes of the problem.

1. Your Windows and Doors Aren't Sealed Properly

If your windows or doors aren't sealed properly, or if you have a convertible and are in need of a new convertible top, then you can expect for water to leak in when it rains or when you wash your car. This moisture can lead to the growth of mildew and a very unpleasant smell. Check the seal around your vehicle's windows and doors, and look for worn-out spots or areas that don't seem to be sealed to the door. You can also check the interior of your car during and after a period of rain to see if moisture has gotten into your vehicle. If so, you may need to have the seals replaced.

2. There's an Interior Air Conditioning Leak

Did you know that if your air conditioning system has a leak, it can cause coolant to leak on the inside of your vehicle? You may find this liquid in the passenger-side floorboard, soaking the carpet. Using a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to suck up as much water as possible and then shampooing your carpet can help get rid of the problem, but you will need to have a mechanic (who has experience in auto air conditioning repair) to repair your air conditioner. Not only can this put a stop to the moisture inside of your car—and the smell—but it can also make your air conditioner work more effectively, which can leave you more comfortable when you're in the car.

3. You Need a New Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter on newer-model vehicles is designed to filter the air in the car, much like the air filter on your at-home HVAC system. Over time, the cabin air filter can become moist and dirty, and it can cause the air that is pumped through your vehicle to have an unpleasant smell. Having this filter changed on your car can help get rid of the odor and can also help improve the air quality inside of your car. 

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