2 Ways To Repair Hail Damage To Your Car

Even small pieces of hail can cause damage to the aluminum pieces of your car. The larger the hail, the more potential for damage, and the more potential for serious damage. However, it is possible to repair the damage caused by hail and make your car look as good as it did before the hailstorm.


One method of repair involves suction. The suction method usually uses an industrial suction device that can be placed over the dent. This may look like a suction cup. Then the suction is applied. Suction involves creating an air-tight seal in between the device and the thing it is attached to. The air gets sucked out and starts to create a vacuum or an area with less air pressure. The air pressure on the outside of the suction device will push up against the other side of the piece of aluminum. That causes the dent to basically "pop" out from the metal. This method is good for minor damage and can be done with the hood or quarter panel still on the car. 


Another option for hail damage repair is hammering the dent out. This involves taking the damaged metal off of the car. Then the piece is turned upside down. Hammering has to happen on the inside of the metal, which will leave any signs of being hammered on the not visible side of the metal. 

The hammers that are used are generally rubber mallets. The rubber on the mallet means that the edges of each hammer hit are less distinct. It can take many hammer hits to get the dent out, and the piece will be carefully examined after the hits to make sure that the area around the dent doesn't distort. The technician doing the work, like those at Exoticar Paintworks Inc, won't hammer willy-nilly, they will make sure that each hit is right where they want it to go. It may take some time to get the damage out, especially if the dents are severe or there are a lot of them, but the results should make it look like the car was never hit by hail. 

Once the hail damage has been hammered out, the next step would be to repaint the entire piece of metal, which will make the piece look as good as new. 

Hail is just pieces of ice, but those pieces of ice can cause a lot of damage to your car.