5 Things To Have In Your Auto Repair Toolbox

Even with a good set of tools, major auto repair can be seriously challenging. Read on to find out about some of these critical tools that you should have on hand if you want to get access to some harder to reach areas to take out or replace parts on your car.    

Socket Extensions

Most mechanics will want to have deep wrench sockets on hand but in addition to this, the smarter ones have long socket extensions. These allow the wrench to come up from the side or bottom of the car to loosen the bolts or remove a specific type of fastener. In many cases, because of the way things are packed under the hood, it's impossible to come out something from the best side, so the socket extensions allow another alternative.

Power Wrench Handles

Sometimes, like in the case of fused lug nuts, you just need more physical leverage. Power handles extend the wrench handle to allow users to put more pressure on a bolt or other piece of equipment. This is another way to get around problems where certain pieces of the vehicle seemed fused on or sticky or unwilling to budge.

Floor Jack

A floor jack makes it a lot easier and quicker to raise a car up to get to it from underneath. The factory jacks that come with a vehicle are often of poor quality, very small, and time intensive to use. A floor jack will provide extra stability and ease of use.

Replacement Pieces

Sometimes a bolt strips and gets worn out or gets lost. Having replacements on hand makes it easier to complete repairs without running to the store and wasting a lot of time. Keeping them organized is an even better idea.


Sometimes it seems like a bolt just won't come off. As a last resort, you can expose it to heat. The principle here is fairly simple -- the temperature changes the relationship between metal parts and the ways that things are fitted together. Sometimes when pressure doesn't help, heat will be the solution to a frustrating puzzle involving fused or stuck auto parts.

Having these sorts of things in your auto toolbox will make it easier for you to get things done on a car. Auto repair is a serious business and requires having made some investment in tools and equipment. Think about adding these problem-solving components to a garage tool kit. For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as Service Van Equipment & RV Specialists, for further assistance.