Sneaky Signs Of Fuel Pump Failure Every Vehicle Owner Should Know

The fuel pump is the primary component of the fuel system of your car or truck. This single part is responsible for pulling gas from the tank and pushing it into the fuel lines, which radiate to the injectors to keep your engine running. If your fuel pump goes out, you could be left with a tank full of fuel and no way to get your vehicle to start. Fuel pump failure often seems to happen without warning, but this is only because most owners have no idea when signs of imminent failure take place. There are a few sneaky signs of fuel pump problems that you should get to know so you don't get left stranded. 

1.Your engine is hard to start immediately after shutting off the ignition

If a fuel pump is getting bad, it can take a minute or two for it to kick back on after your engine has been shut off. If you shut off the engine and almost immediately try to start your vehicle but it refuses to start, it could mean your fuel pump is going bad. In most cases, just waiting for a few minutes and trying again will give the fuel pump time to catch up.

2. Your car sometimes dies or will not start when you are low on gas

The lower the fuel level is in your gas tank, the harder your fuel pump has to work in order to extract gas and push it through the fuel lines. Therefore, a fuel pump that is getting ready to fail may truly have problems when you have low fuel levels in your tank. Your engine may cut out or even die completely like you are much lower on fuel than what you actually are. You my even have a more difficult time getting your vehicle to start when the fuel tank is low. 

3. You don't hear the fuel pump activate when you turn the ignition on

Just before you completely turn the key to start your car, the fuel pump kicks in when you turn your key to the on position. When the fuel pump activates, there is a slight whirring noise from the location of your gas tank. Although you may not notice this noise, it is a good sound to get familiar with. Have someone get in your car and turn on the key while you listen for the telltale noise. If you hear nothing, it is a surefire sign that the pump is not functioning as it should. 

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