4 Auto Repairs That You May Be Neglecting And Are Likely To Become Costly

The car repairs that you may have done are often obvious, but there may be some problems that get less attention. Repairs may be neglected for some time, which can often lead to costlier issues that need to be addressed. It is best to deal with problems when you notice them to avoid additional repair costs. Here are some of the car repairs that you may be neglecting and that could end up costing you more at the repair shop: Read More 

Buying A New Car? 3 Reasons You Need To Say Yes To The Extended Warranty

If you're about to buy a new car, there's going to be one question that you might need to think about – the extended warranty.  The offer for the extended warranty always comes after you've received approval for your loan. If you're not prepared for the question, you probably won't be prepared to give an answer either. An extended warranty provides added coverage for automobile repairs that might be necessary after the initial factory warranty runs out. Read More 

2 Ways To Repair Hail Damage To Your Car

Even small pieces of hail can cause damage to the aluminum pieces of your car. The larger the hail, the more potential for damage, and the more potential for serious damage. However, it is possible to repair the damage caused by hail and make your car look as good as it did before the hailstorm. Suction One method of repair involves suction. The suction method usually uses an industrial suction device that can be placed over the dent. Read More 

Ways To Be A Smooth Driver While Driving With An Instructor

When you've reached a certain point in your in-class instruction at driving school, it's time to put what you've learned into practice and get out on the road with a driving instructor. One challenge that many new drivers experience is the ability to maneuver their vehicle smoothly. This will come in time, but in the meantime it's easy to jolt the car forward when you step on the gas pedal and lurch to a stop when applying the brakes. Read More 

5 Things To Have In Your Auto Repair Toolbox

Even with a good set of tools, major auto repair can be seriously challenging. Read on to find out about some of these critical tools that you should have on hand if you want to get access to some harder to reach areas to take out or replace parts on your car.     Socket Extensions Most mechanics will want to have deep wrench sockets on hand but in addition to this, the smarter ones have long socket extensions. Read More