Important Information That Will Allow You To Safely Connect With And Haul Your New Fifth Wheel

If it has long been a desire of yours to enjoy the open road on your own schedule but always have your own comfortable bed to sleep in at the end of the day, the use of a fifth wheel is an ideal option. To safely connect your home on wheels to your truck, it is important to ensure that truck can transport the total combined weight of the RV and vehicle. It will also be helpful to understand the different types of hitches, so that you can be sure that the truck can consistently and safely connect to your fifth wheel for the duration of your travels. The following information will help you meet both of those needs.               

Double Check That The Towing Capacity Of The Truck Is Equal To Or More Than The Total Weight Of The RV

Before choosing a hitch, you will need to verify that your truck can tow the total weight of the new fifth wheel and all of the assorted belongings of each passenger. The good news is that a medium-sized truck will often be able to do so, as the result of the lighter materials that have been used in fifth wheels and other recreational vehicles.

When assessing the total projected weight that your truck will be hauling, the following information should be considered:

  • Your own weight and the combined weight of any passengers, including pets

  • Whether you plan to use the fifth wheel's restroom when it becomes necessary or if you will be stopping for bathroom breaks

  • Any add-ons that your fifth wheel will have, such as a washer and dryer, big-screen TV or extra furniture

  • Total weight of clothing, books, videos and other personal belongings, stored water, groceries, etc.

Understand The Different Classes Of Hitches

Once you know how much weight your truck will be hauling and you are sure that the amount of projected weight is within the acceptable towing recommendations for your vehicle, it is time to choose a hitch. It is unlikely that anything less than a level four hitch would be appropriate for connecting your truck to your fifth wheel, but some travel trailers could be safely moved with a level three.

Current classes of hitches and the towing capacities are:

  • Class 1-hauls up to 2000 pounds

  • Class 2-transport up to 3500 pounds

  • Class 3-pulls up to 5000 pounds

  • Class 4-hauling capacity is up to 10000 pounds and is a popular choice for fifth wheels

  • Class 5-moves up to 30000 pounds and is ideal for large or heavily weighted RV's and fifth wheels        

For more information, contact Brad's Trailer Supply or a similar company.